Saturday, 25 October 2014

Market Calls

Scrip               CMP          Call        SL         Target 1       Target 2       Deadline

Bajaj Auto       2529           Buy       2430          2590            2620            31st Oct.
Maruti             3165            "           3135          3315            3350                "           
Hero Motors    3110            "           3075          3210            3260                "            
Tata Motors      515            "             510            545              555                "         
Kotak Bank     1061           "            1036          1123            1142                "          
ICICI Bank      1575            "            1555          1625            1660               "        
Powergrid         139            "             138            146              149               "            
Gail                  481           "              465            490              495               "     
Siemens           858           "              835            895              905               "     
Engineers         266           "              255            287              297               "      
REC Ltd            284           "              277            294              300              "         
BOSCH Ltd   15003            "          14900         15500           15800             "      
BHEL               240            "              235            250              255              "       


Thursday, 23 October 2014


With the gleam of lights and echoes of prayers,
With the sweetness of sweets and fireworks glare,
Wishing you all a jubilant Diwali and a successful year.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Market Review

Both the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank President
have flagged growth concerns going forward.    There is a significant surge in
volatilities across asset classes like gold, crude oil, equities, etc.    Further, 
major equity indices of the world are dangerously trading at crucial technical
levels.    This is causing investors and traders to go long on government bonds
and short on equities.

Locally,  the manufacturing output data released post market hours on Friday
remained subdued at 0.4% in August.    Markets will react to this data on Monday.
Barring Infosys results on Friday,  nothing has been positive for the Indian markets
in the week goneby.    Now,  it is only the earnings season and the results of the
upcoming assembly elections that may save Indian markets from the fate of the
rest of the world.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Market Review

Rise in the US treasury yields is putting global markets in a tight spot.    Come
Wednesday Sep. 17th,  the US Federal Reserve Bank is going to decide on the
future course of interest rates and the mortgage backed securities & treasuries
purchase program.    The interest rate concerns in the US has caused the Asian
currencies ( particularly the South Korean Won,  the Indian INR and the Thailand
Baht ) to suffer the most.    Yet again,  the US may 'sneeze' causing the global
markets to contract flu.

Locally,  the industrial production data announced on Friday is not encouraging
either.    Given the rigidity in inflation,  the RBI will not turnaround the interest
rate trajectory in the near future.                                                                 

Going forward,  equities may continue to remain under pressure for the coming
week.    Therefore,  bulls beware.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Market Review

Globally,  equities are in an uptrend,  particularly the US.    The US dollar has
gained remarkably on account of a rate cut from the European Central Bank and
an announcement of quantitative easing program.    The positive US economic
data is also supporting the US dollar.    That is putting pressure on gold prices.

Locally,  fundamentals for India have improved.    Positive sentiment amongst
the foreign fund managers towards India is driving Indian markets higher.
Having said that,  Nifty is showing signs of fatigue on the upside.    Barring auto
and pharmaceutical sectors,  other sectors just appear to be languishing.  
Going forward,  Nifty may consolidate at higher levels for the coming week.